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Fantastic Find: School-in-a-Box



UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box $186

Whenever I go on a shopping binge, I make it my mission to buy at least one item benefitting a charity (or more, depending on how bad my binge was). For christmas this year, I’m going for UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box. Coming in at a little under $200, the lockable metal cases are filled with exercise books, pencils, erasers, scissors, a wooden teaching clock, plastic cubes for counting and a set of three laminated posters. UNICEF has some great ways to give back on their online store, from vaccines and first aid kits to jump ropes and


I Want: Organic Long Slim Jacket




Organic. Navy. Two of my favorite things. Source

Vintage Find: 1950’s yellow and cream cocktail dress



$250 @ archive vintage

Etsy Find: sarahseven’s shop

Speaking of holiday dresses, Sarah Seven from an independent fashion designer from Portland, Oregon has some great options for this holiday season. There are also some great skirts, blouses and even a few accessories available, and 5% of your purchases go to charity. 


Fancy That Dress $189



Pink Petals Dress $410 $369



Flock Dress $248 $223

Trendshop: Lookin’ Foxy

I’ve noticed designers are looking to our furry and feathered friends for inspiration this autumn, so this week I’m going to feature a couple of the animals and products that have stood out to me. First up is the fox. So whether you’re going for a PETA-friendly look or just have an instinct for the animals, here are some foxy options for you: 


Something by Something Else Lonely Fox Tee $75, @ Pixie Market



Jeremy Scott Fox Run Knit Scarf, $275 @ Forward by Revolve



Public Domain Foil Sly Fox $30 @ lisa kline



fox necklace $52 @ imogeneANDannie


TrendShop: Boyfriend Jeans

From Katie Holmes to Sarah Jessica Parker to Victoria Beckham to Rachel Bilson to Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan, and even Jennifer Aniston, boyfriend jeans are being seen on just about every famous fashionista. From the newly popular Current Elliot brand to American Eagle, here’s some great options for you to be seen in too. Belt ’em, cuff ’em, where them with sandals or flats, the key seems to be comfort, and confidence. 


Favorite Boyfriend Jean $49.50 @ american eagle



Blank Relaxed Boyfriend Straight Leg Jeans in Shredded Wheat $75 @ tobi



Current Elliot “The Boyfriend” Jean $299

For more options,  Victoria’s Secret has a variety of cost-efficient boyfriend cuts. 

Vintage Find: Sunshine Poppy Mini Dress