Style Tip: Scarves

I’ve gone scarf-hunting in the spirit of the season. Here are my favorite ways to wear these stylish choices. 

The Slip Knot: First fold your scarf in half, then wrap around your neck. Then pull the loose ends through the looped end. 

Tolani Honeycomb Scarf in Purple/Multi $85 @ shopintuition 

The Reverse Wrap-Around: Wrap your scarf around your neck and towards your back (tips hanging down your back), then pull each end tip over the opposite shoulder.

The Side Job: Allow one end to hang and tuck the other out of sight.

The Reverse Knot:  Wrap your scarf around your neck with— the ends hanging down your back — then pull each side over its opposite shoulder and tie a knot.

The Shoulder Tie: Tie your scarf in a large knot at the nape of your neck.

The Kerchief: Fold a square scarf on the diagonal, then knot it in the back. 

Metallic Trim Plaid Scarf $8.80 @ forever 21

Some more of the scarves in my shopping cart: 

Birds in Paris $24 @ urban outfitters


Metallic Striped Scarf $12.99 @ Charlotte Russe


Brynn Chunky Knit Scarf $22.50 @ dELiAs



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