Fantastic Find: School-in-a-Box



UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box $186

Whenever I go on a shopping binge, I make it my mission to buy at least one item benefitting a charity (or more, depending on how bad my binge was). For christmas this year, I’m going for UNICEF’s School-in-a-Box. Coming in at a little under $200, the lockable metal cases are filled with exercise books, pencils, erasers, scissors, a wooden teaching clock, plastic cubes for counting and a set of three laminated posters. UNICEF has some great ways to give back on their online store, from vaccines and first aid kits to jump ropes and


I Want: Organic Long Slim Jacket




Organic. Navy. Two of my favorite things. Source

Look of the Day


Look of the Day


I forgot to mention great makeup is the fourth essential accessory I any outfit (even if it means none at all). Love her eyes. Source

Look of the Day: Hair!


Every outfit should have three fabulous accessories: great shoes, a great handbag, and great hair. Source

Look of the Day: Legs!


Those shoes are perfect for the outfit, not only do they match her bag perfectly, they elongate her already great legs. Source

Etsy Find: hoakonhelga


TUNDRA – repurposed grey leather with 3 pockets and plaid $115 

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